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    SubjectRe: negative timeout can be set up by setsockopt system call
    On 11/4/05, Nish Aravamudan <>
    > In Ram's specific case, I think, the call path is sys_setsockopt() ->
    > sock_setsockopt() -> sock_set_timeout, which has a definition of:
    > static int sock_set_timeout(long *timeo_p, char __user *optval, int

    >> Exactly right.

    > Ram, what is the expected behavior of negative values in the timeval?
    > And what are you seeing happen right now?
    > As of 2.6.14, looks like we convert any non-zero values into jiffies
    > and store them in sk->sk_{rcv,snd}timeo...
    >> I don't see any problem from the kernel side but the application
    times out immediately causing certain failures as the schedule_timeout
    returns immediately in case of negative values. Shouldn't there be a
    check for negative values and return error to the application so that
    it can handle it.

    - Show quoted text -

    > This could be, and I think is what Ram was asking about -- I've asked
    > for some clarification.
    > Thanks,
    > Nish

    Ram Gupta

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