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    SubjectRe: Parallel ATA with libata status with the patches I'm working on
    On Thu, 2005-11-03 at 14:54 +0000, Alan Cox wrote:
    > Core Features Fixed
    > - Per drive tuning
    > - Filter quirk lists
    > - Single channel support
    > And To Add
    > - Specify PCI bus speed

    Please, do the above such a way that we can have an arch hook for the
    bus speed. It's actually not uncommon to have several busses with
    different speeds in a machine. In addition, I've seen IDE drivers
    calculating based on the bus speed while the HW apparently used a clock
    source that didn't necessarily had to be ... PciClk ... Oh well...

    > - HPA
    > - IRQ mask

    Why do we need the above at all ? It always looked to me like a gross
    hack but then, I don't fully understand what the problem was on those
    old x86 that needed it :)

    > AEC62xx
    > ATIIXP
    > CMD64x
    > CY82C693
    > IT8172
    > NS87415
    > OPTI621
    > PDC202xx
    > SGI IOC4
    > SIS5513
    > SL82C105
    > SLC90E66
    > TRM290
    > PCMCIA (needs hotplug merge first)

    Add ppc/pmac.c but its up to me to do it :)


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