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SubjectRe: Over-riding symbols in the Kernel causes Kernel Panic
On 11/24/05, Bill Davidsen <> wrote:

>>I've not looked at what it would take to do that, nor what measures
>>are currently in place, *at all*, but as I see it, all it would take
>>would be some "tag" present for each message stating if it was "build
>>in", or "currently loaded as a module", then on each module load check
>>the "tag" of the to-be-loaded module against the list of current
>>in-kernel tags, then reject if already on the list.
>>I can't see why there would be a catch...

> It doesn't look to be quite as easy to check for built-in as to check
> for "already loaded" without some global state tracking, and handling
> the case where it just wasn't built at all, and may have other stuff
> missing. Add to this not breaking existing out of tree code and the
> implementation looks like a non-trivial exercise.

I am currently working on a preliminary patch which addresses this
issue. A module wont be able to load any symbol, which already exists
in the kernel symbol table.

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