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SubjectKernel BUG
Hi Trond,

I am running a sparc-linux kernel using an NFS Root and it is falling over
with the trace below.

My Kernel is not a standard kernel (I have had to tweek it to get the
SBUS GC3 and the 82077 floppy to work on my OPUS Sparc 1 clone).

Can you advise me on any known issues in the NFS Client code that might
enter NULL pointers into the 'slot->slots[i]' in __lookup_tag.

If there are none that you are aware of, are there any specific areas that
I should investigate with printk statements.

The Kernel is cross compiled on an Athlon 64 3400+ (32bit linux at the
moment) using GCC-4.0.2 and Binutils-2.16.1. Compilation takes about 10
minutes so there is no real issue in making changes to the kernel to find
the source of the problem.

A compiler/binutils bug should not be ruled out. I might try

Please let me know if you would like further information.

Mark Fortescue.
kernel BUG at /L64/src/linux-2.6/linux-!
\|/ ____ \|/
"@'/ ,. \`@"
/_| \__/ |_\
ld(45): Kernel bad trap [#1]
PSR: 004000c4 PC: f00e0ff4 NPC: f00e0ff8 Y: 00000000 Not tainted
PC: <radix_tree_gang_lookup_tag+0x144/0x1ac>
%G: 00000001 f022ec00 f022eccc 00400fe2 f002fd18 f022ec00 ff020000
%O: 0000004d f01fbd78 0000023f 00000000 00000001 00000000 ff021a48
RPC: <radix_tree_gang_lookup_tag+0x13c/0x1ac>
%L: 00000001 ff021b14 0000003f 00000001 00000002 00000000 ff020000
%I: 00000000 ff021b14 00000000 00000001 00000008 ff021b10 ff021ab0
Caller[f00b10d4]: nfs_wait_on_requests+0x98/0xb8
Caller[f00b2a70]: nfs_sync_inode+0x20/0x74
Caller[f00b063c]: nfs_readpage+0x44/0x44c
Caller[f004fc8c]: do_generic_mapping_read+0x290/0x564
Caller[f005084c]: __generic_file_aio_read+0x168/0x1cc
Caller[f0050a2c]: generic_file_aio_read+0x44/0x54
Caller[f006e298]: do_sync_read+0x94/0xc8
Caller[f006e62c]: vfs_read+0xa0/0x15c
Caller[f006f200]: sys_read+0x30/0x64
Caller[f001144c]: syscall_is_too_hard+0x34/0x40
Caller[e0096e58]: 0xe0096e58
Instruction DUMP: 90122178 7ffcc514 01000000 <91d02005> 9402a001
80a28010 0280000f c4244001 8600e001


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