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SubjectRe: PC speaker beeping on high CPU loads on an nForce2

>> on an nForce2 system (GigaByte 7NNXP) when the CPU is under heavy load
>> (like during kernel compilation for instance, or any compilation of any
>> bigger project, for that matter), I hear some beeps comming out of the PC
>> speaker. It's like few short beeps per second for a while, then silence
>> for few seconds, then a beep here and there, and again, and so on. It is
>> quite strange. (I have the board for about 1.5 years).
> Nope. Your system is overheating, and on-board temperature sensors are
> complaining. Probably you should find whether lm-sensors have drivers for
> chips your motherboard has, and look at sensors output in that case...

Quite interesting, as I occassionally have short "drumbeat" on the PC
speaker. It is like \e[10;x]\e[11;15], but seems irreproducible to me with
any particular x. I do not suspect overheating, as the BIOS hardware
monitor has shown 51 deg Celsius after some hours running for over two
years now.

> Maybe ACPI could report thermal zone as well, try looking at
> /proc/acpi/thermal_zone/* tree.

MB is EliteGroup L7S7A2, CPU is AMD Athlon XP 2000+, and
/proc/acpi/thermal_zone/ is empty. LM chip is a LM78, but lmsensors outputs
only rubbish data.

Jan Engelhardt
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