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SubjectPC speaker beeping on high CPU loads on an nForce2

on an nForce2 system (GigaByte 7NNXP) when the CPU is under heavy load
(like during kernel compilation for instance, or any compilation of any
bigger project, for that matter), I hear some beeps comming out of the PC
speaker. It's like few short beeps per second for a while, then silence
for few seconds, then a beep here and there, and again, and so on. It is
quite strange. It happens ever since I remember (I mean in kernel
versions of course, I have the board for about 1.5 years). I've just been
kind of ignoring it until now. Does anybody else happen to see the same
symptoms? What could be the cause of this. Is it something about timing?
But how come the PC speaker gets kiced in, while it's not being used at
all (well, at least not intentionally) for anything. Perhaps something is
writing some ports it is not supposed to?

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