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    SubjectRe: Linux 2.6.15-rc2
    Ed Tomlinson wrote:
    > Something strange here. After a cg-update, I had no tag for rc2. Checking
    > showed no problems so I used cg-clone to get another copy of the repository.
    > Still no rc2.
    > ed@grover:/usr/src/2.6$ cg-version
    > cogito-0.16rc2 (73874dddeec2d0a8e5cd343eec762d98314def63)
    > ed@grover:/usr/src/2.6$ git --version
    > git version 0.99.9.GIT
    > cg-clone 2.6

    This happened a while ago to someone else too. Apparently the http
    transport needs serverside help (git-update-server-info or some such
    must be run on the remote side).

    Unless you're restricted by firewalls and other you could try

    git clone
    git:// 2.6

    which works flawlessly for me although it takes quite some time to
    transfer all the data.

    Linus, HPA: Are the packs cached on It seems to be at least
    a minute before the transfers start.

    Andreas Ericsson
    OP5 AB
    Tel: +46 8-230225 Fax: +46 8-230231
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