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    SubjectRe: [patch] SMP alternatives

    On Wed, 23 Nov 2005, Daniel Jacobowitz wrote:
    > I don't think I see the point. This would let you optimize for the
    > "multi-threaded, but hasn't created any threads yet" or even
    > "multi-threaded, but not right now" cases. But those really aren't the
    > interesting case to optimize for - that's the equivalent of supporting
    > CPU hotplug.


    There is not a _single_ compiler that is multi-threaded, and I'd argue
    that there probably never will be. It's pointless.

    There's a _lot_ of really performance-sensitive stuff that will NEVER EVER
    be threaded. You may run a hundred copies of them at the same time, but
    every single copy will be single-threaded.

    And this will optimize that case in a BIG way.

    This is _not_ about "CPU hotplug". This is _not_ about "threaded apps
    before they are threaded". This is all about the fact that serious
    computation is done single-threaded, and anybody who thinks that
    single-threading is going away is so totally out to lunch that it's not
    even fun.

    And yes, Sun will die. Single-thread performance matters a hell of a lot,
    and any company that bets that it doesn't, is a failure.

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