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    SubjectRe: [PATCH]: Free pages from local pcp lists under tight memory conditions
    On Tue, 2005-11-22 at 21:36 -0800, Andrew Morton wrote:
    > Rohit Seth <> wrote:
    > >
    > > Andrew, Linus,
    > >
    > > [PATCH]: This patch free pages (pcp->batch from each list at a time) from
    > > local pcp lists when a higher order allocation request is not able to
    > > get serviced from global free_list.
    > >
    > > This should help fix some of the earlier failures seen with order 1 allocations.
    > >
    > > I will send separate patches for:
    > >
    > > 1- Reducing the remote cpus pcp
    > > 2- Clean up page_alloc.c for CONFIG_HOTPLUG_CPU to use this code appropiately
    > >
    > > +static int
    > > +reduce_cpu_pcp(void )
    > >
    > This significantly duplicates the existing drain_local_pages().

    Yes. The main change in this new function is I'm only freeing batch
    number of pages from each pcp rather than draining out all of them (even
    under a little memory pressure). IMO, we should be more opportunistic
    here in alloc_pages in moving pages back to global page pool list.

    As said earlier, I will be cleaning up the existing drain_local_pages in
    next follow up patch.

    > >
    > > + if (order > 0)
    > > + while (reduce_cpu_pcp()) {
    > > + if (get_page_from_freelist(gfp_mask, order, zonelist, alloc_flags))
    > This forgot to assign to local variable `page'! It'll return NULL and will
    > leak memory.
    My bad. Will fix it.

    > The `while' loop worries me for some reason, so I wimped out and just tried
    > the remote drain once.
    Even after direct reclaim it probably does make sense to see how
    minimally we can service a higher order request.

    > > + goto got_pg;
    > > + }
    > > + /* FIXME: Add the support for reducing/draining the remote pcps.
    > This is easy enough to do.

    The couple of options that I wanted to think little more were (before
    attempting to do this part):

    1- Whether use the IPI to get the remote CPUs to free pages from pcp or
    do it lazily (using work_pending or such). As at this point in
    execution we can definitely afford to get scheduled out.

    2- Do we drain the whole pcp on remote processors or again follow the
    stepped approach (but may be with a steeper slope).

    > We need to verify that this patch actually does something useful.
    I'm working on this. Will let you know later today if I can come with
    some workload easily hitting this additional logic.


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