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    SubjectRe: Christmas list for the kernel
    On 11/23/05, Russell King <> wrote:
    > > Plus I have 64 tty devices. Couldn't the tty devices be created
    > > dynamically as they are consumed? Same for the loop and ram devices?
    > You do realise that the dynamic device creation for those 64 console
    > devices is done via the console device being _opened_ by userspace?
    > Hence, if the device doesn't exist in userspace, it can't be created
    > for userspace to open it to create the device via udev. Have you
    > noticed a catch-22 with that statement?

    Couldn't we create tty0-3 and then when one of those gets opened,
    create tty4, and so on? Then there would always be two or three more
    tty devices than there are open tty devices.

    > Note that with tty devices, the tty layer has to be told the number
    > of devices you want to support when you first register your driver.
    > You're fixed to that maximum number from that point on, until you
    > unregister *all* your ports and driver.
    > --
    > Russell King
    > Linux kernel 2.6 ARM Linux -
    > maintainer of: 2.6 Serial core

    Jon Smirl
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