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    Subject[RFC] EDAC a new sysfs 'subsystem' under /sys/devices
    EDAC is for detecting and logging memory ECC, PCI
    Parity and (future) other hardware errors.

    In my process of getting edac ready for kernel

    I have been exploring mechanisms for placing EDAC
    controls and attribute files into sysfs for a few days

    In the process, I "discovered" how sysfs subystems are
    currently used. I have determined that EDAC itself
    should be a subsystem, since more than one type of
    EDAC device can be created.

    I made a copy of drivers/base/sys.c to a new file,
    drivers/base/edac.c (and corresponding .h file) and
    refactored it to become a 'edacdev' subsystem.

    I have mounted edac to: /sys/devices/edac because the
    /sys/device/system subsystem is not exported (at the
    moment. I suppose that could be changed).

    I now have:

    /sys/devices/edac/mc/mc0/csrow0 kobjects working and
    am adding attribute files to their respective

    My RFC is:

    Should I leave edac under /sys/devices OR refactor
    drivers/base/sys.c and export the "system" subsystem
    and mount edac under /sys/devices/system?

    Another RFC is:

    Should EDAC really have a "new" subsystem in the
    kernel? (I believe it fits bets, but am looking for

    It requires a new drivers/base/edac.c (and .h file +
    plumbing). I would like to see that, as it really
    works nicely. The EDAC module currently in the -mm
    tree will depend on it, in order to implement the
    requested sysfs features. (Other options are possible
    I suppose)

    The only problem I ran into was that I needed further
    subdirectories under 'mc/mc0', and I had to resort to
    using kobject_register() since the subsystem didn't
    have methods for such creation. Yet that code now
    works nicely.

    I suppose I am looking for verification of the
    direction I am progressing in.

    Thanks for any input

    doug t

    "If you think Education is expensive, just try Ignorance"

    "Don't tell people HOW to do things, tell them WHAT you
    want and they will surprise you with their ingenuity."
    Gen George Patton

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