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    SubjectRe: New (now current development process)
        Linus> No, I think that's a lost cause.

    Linus> It doesn't grow by 700 bytes once in a while. It grows by
    Linus> much more, and much more often. And we can't fight it that
    Linus> way, that's just not going to work. Maybe have something
    Linus> that tracks individual object file sizes and shames people
    Linus> into not growing them..

    I think we're actually agreeing. My kmalloc/kzalloc patch is a cute
    hack but magic tricks like that aren't going to shrink the kernel by
    very much and it's probably not worth merging complications like that.

    The way to a smaller kernel is for a lot of people to do a lot of hard
    work and look at where we can trim fat.

    For your last suggestion, maybe someone can automate running Andi's
    bloat-o-meter? I think the hard part is maintaining comparable configs.

    - R.
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