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SubjectRe: [PATCH 0/5] Swap Migration V5: Overview
Hi Christoph,

>> > > > Do you think the features which these patches add should be Kconfigurable?
>> This code looks no help for hot-remove. It seems able to handle only
>> pages easily to migrate, while hot-remove has to guarantee all pages
>> can be migrated.
>> Hi Christoph, sorry I've been off from lhms for long time.
>> Shall I port the generic memory migration code for hot-remove to -mm tree
>> directly, and add some new interface like migrate_page_to(struct page *from,
>> struct page *to) so this may probably fit for your purpose.
>> The code is still in Dave's mhp1 tree waiting for being merged to -mm tree.
>> The port will be easy because the migration code is independent to the
>> memory hotplug code. The core code isn't so big.
>Please follow the discussion on lhms-devel. I am trying to bring these two
>things together.

I've read the archive of lhms-devel.
You're going to take in most of the original migration code
except for some tricks to migrate pages which are hard to move.
I think this is what you said the complexity, which you
want to remove forever.

I have to explain that this complexity came from making the code
guarantee to be able to migrate any pages. So the code is designed:
- to migrate heavily accessed pages.
- to migrate pages without backing-store.
- to migrate pages without I/O's.
- to migrate pages of which status may be changed during the migration

This have to be implemented if the hotplug memory use it.
It seems to become a reinvention of the wheel to me.

It's easy to add a new interface to the code for memory policy aware
migration. It will be wonderful doing process migration prior to
planed hotremove momory. This decision should be done out of kernel.

Hirokazu Takahashi.
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