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    SubjectRe: [PATCH 1/1] Added support of ST m41t85 rtc chip
    Jean Delvare wrote:
    > Hi Andrey,
    >>Possible too late to include in 2.6.15,
    >>but better later then never :).
    > You must be kidding. It might be too late for 2.6._16_. Reviewing takes
    > time, reworking afterwards takes time, then you get some testing in -mm
    > and it takes time again.

    > Sure, although I don't really have the time right now for a complete
    > review. And I'd rather not review the code if it finally isn't used.
    (see my prev. reply to Andrew and you)

    > First, a question. Can't you merge the M41T85 support into the m41t00
    > driver?
    It was first thing what I try, but this chips are very similar only at
    first glance. m41t85 have _really_ extended sets of regs and result was
    very littered by #if/#else file.

    > Mark, care to comment on that possibility, and/or on the code itself?
    And, please, remove unnecessary PPC dependence from Kconfig.

    >>+config SENSORS_M41T85_SQW_FRQ_ENABLE
    >>+ depends on SENSORS_M41T85
    >>+ bool "Square Wave Output"
    > What a mess. Please just have a sysfs file for that, it's more flexible
    > and less intrusive.

    I agree, it's look messed, but if sombody use SQW,
    then must exist some startup constant for some custom board.
    Changing this frq may exist only as option.

    Andrey Volkov
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