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    SubjectRe: ia64 SN2 - migration costs: 1) nearly zero 2) BUG 3) repeated

    * Paul Jackson <> wrote:

    > I turned on migration_debug=3 at boot, enabled CONFIG_PREEMPT and some
    > other CONFIG DEBUG options, and captured the output from the tty
    > console instead of via the /var/log/messages file. This resulted in
    > the following. Now I don't see the BUG, and the cost matrix makes
    > more sense (not all 0's), and the matrix output is not repeated. I
    > don't understand why. Feel free to ask me to try various
    > combinations, Ingo, if this doesn't make sense to you either.

    hm, these calibration results looks quite sane. Could you try
    migration_debug=3 with the .config that failed before? (if it doesnt
    fail, could you re-check it still fails with migration_debug=2?) Zero
    results in the cost matrix usually are a sign of time resolution
    problems - but that shouldnt be an issue on ia64 which should have a
    globally synced TSC, right?

    until these problems are solved, you should be able to work around it by
    booting with the migration_cost=0,7512036,45850376 boot option.

    you can work around the warning message via changing the:

    int cpu1 = -1, cpu2 = -1, cpu, orig_cpu = smp_processor_id();

    line to:

    int cpu1 = -1, cpu2 = -1, cpu, orig_cpu = raw_smp_processor_id();

    i'll do the correct fix.

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