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SubjectRe: Nick's core remove PageReserved broke vmware...
Petr Vandrovec wrote:

> But get_user_pages() was not invoked by 'the core vm'. I invoked it,
> from my
> module... same one which populated this VMA before.

OK, sure in this case it should be fine because you know what you're
doing. In the case where someone submits a /dev/mem mapping for direct
IO, things would be different.

> So I've made this change... Test probably could be for 2.6.4 <= x <=
> 2.6.5 to rule out all buggy kernels, but I'll probably leave it this way
> unless there is some good reason to not set VM_RESERVED on these older
> kernels.

OK, if that is all that is required to fix it for you, then that's
a good result! Thanks for the mail and be sure to let us know if you
run into any other problems.


SUSE Labs, Novell Inc.

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