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SubjectRe: kernel freeze (not even an OOPS) on remount-ro+umount when using quotas

On Fri, 7 Oct 2005, Michael Tokarev wrote:

> This is something that has biten me quite successefully
> in last few days... ;)
> To make a long story short:
> # mke2fs -j /dev/hda6
> # mount -o usrquota /dev/hda6 /mnt
> # cp -a /home /mnt # to make some files to work with
> # quotacheck -uc /mnt
> # quotaon /mnt
> # mount -o remount,ro # this is the important step!
> # ls -l /mnt /mnt/home # to do "something" (also important)
> # umount /mnt
> At this time (attempting to umount the read-only filesystem with quotas
> enabled), the machine freezes without any messages on the console. No
> OOPS, no response, no nothing - until a hard reboot (powercycle).
> This happens on 2.6.11, 2.6.12 and 2.6.13 kernels -- ie, with "current"
> kernel release.

I just tried this on and was not able to reproduce your hangup.
Have you tried turning on the nmi watchdog with "nmi_watchdog=2 lapic"?

If this blocks interrupts while it spins, you might be able to see what's
happening. Also if interrupts are not blocked, try out sysrq-t and

-- Steve

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