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Subject[PATCH 0/22] ppc64: Full sequence of PCI Error recovery patches

[PATCH 0/22] ppc64: Full sequence of PCI Error recovery patches

The following sequence of patches implement the full set of
PCI error recovery functions for ppc64. There are a large
numer of patches because I've attempted to keep the scope
of each patch reasonably small, and thus easy to review.
(The system should remain usable and functional after applying
each patch).

A detailed explanation of what this is and how it works is
in patch 6/22; if you don't already know what this is about,
that would be the place to start reading.

These patches result in systems that have survived multi-hour
runs with thousands of PCI errors injected. Although this is
good, I still can't warrent that this is bug-free, as there
are still hardware combos that haven't been tested. But for
now, it seems to work.

Signed-off-by: Linas Vepstas <>

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