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SubjectRe: [RFC] atomic create+open
> I think Miklos' point is that it's not an "optimisation" because it's
> not optional. Optimisations are things where if you don't do them,
> the behaviour is still correct but slower.
> As far as I can tell from this discussion, the atomic lookup+create is
> a non-optional requirement.


Trond, you wrote this in an earlier discussion:

> > so the filesystem can delay returning the error from the open
> > operation until the other errors have been sorted out by the lookup
> > code.
> Intents are meant as optimisations, not replacements for existing
> operations. I'm therefore not really comfortable about having them
> return errors at all.

The case I described is not an optimization, so in that case you seem
to agree, that lookup intents are not the solution.

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