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SubjectRe: what's next for the linux kernel?

Florin Malita wrote:

>On Wed, 05 Oct 2005 07:48:12 -0700
>Marc Perkel <> wrote:
>>What is incredibly idiotic is a file system that allws you to delete
>>files that you have no write access to. That is stupid beyond belief and
>>only the Unix community doesn't get it.
>It stops being idiotic as soon as you realize that _deleting_ a
>file doesn't involve _writing_ to it in any way. It's not about UNIX,
>it's about common sense - try thinking outside of the Netware box for a
>sec ;)
What you don't get is that if you don't have rights to write to a file
then you shouldn't have the right to delete the file. Once you get past
the "inside the box" Unix thinking you'll see the logic in this. So what
if the process of deleting a file involves writing to it. That's not

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