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SubjectRe: clock skew on B/W G3


given that this option causes problems on non i386 systems, may I propose to
mark CONFIG_HZ as broken on these architectures and/or use a default value of
1000 ? I guess this issue can't be fixed in a sane way until 2.6.14 is out.


Le Montag 03 Oktober 2005 16:18, Rune Torgersen a écrit :
> > -----Original Message-----
> > From: Marc
> > Sent: Sunday, October 02, 2005 11:46
> >
> > Some additions to the previous mail: I was able to isolate
> > the problem to the
> > introduction of a user specificable value of HZ (in
> > include/asm-ppc/parm.h).
> > I used a value of 250 while the former default was 1000.
> > Setting it back to
> > 1000 makes the clock tick right again.
> >
> > Is the CONFIG_HZ known to be broken on PPC ?
> CONFIG_HZ is not broken, but the whole clock configuration is.
> (I poseded something about it for 8260 earlier this summer)
> Basic problem is that CLOCK_TICK_RATE which is used for setting up the
> variables used for advancing the clock, is hardcoded to a value that
> only makes sence for an i386. (it is default set at 1193180Hz which
> happens to be the timer clock for timer1 on an i386 machine)
> Another problem here is that that value apparently hve to be #define'd
> which means you cannot insert the decrementer frequency from the
> boot-loader either.
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