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    SubjectRe: munmap extremely slow even with untouched mapping.
    Hugh Dickins wrote:

    > Yes, it's a good observation from Robin.
    > It'll have been spoiling the exit speedup we expected from your
    > 2.6.14 copy_page_range "Don't copy [faultable] ptes" fork speedup.

    Yep. Not to mention it is probably responsible for some of the
    4 level page table performance slowdowns on x86-64.

    > I prefer your patch too. But I'm not very interested in temporary
    > speedups relative to 2.6.14. Attacking this is a job I'd put off
    > until after the page fault scalability changes, which make it much
    > easier to do a proper job.

    Yeah definitely.

    I wonder if we should go with Robin's fix (+/- my variation)
    as a temporary measure for 2.6.15?

    SUSE Labs, Novell Inc.

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