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    SubjectRe: AMD Geode GX/LX support
    > > +config MGEODE_GX
    > > + bool "Geode GX"
    > > + help
    > > + Select this for AMD Geode GX processors. Enables use of some extended
    > > + instructions, and passes appropriate optimization flags to GCC.
    > >...
    > The "and passes appropriate optimization flags to GCC" part seems to be
    > missing in your patches.

    Yes - that is incorrect. As you can no doubt see, I cut-n-pasted from
    another processor.

    > And it's not clear to me how your new MGEODE_GX option relates to the
    > already existing MGEODEGX1 option.

    The already existing GEODEGX1 option as it stands has an invalid cache line
    size, it should be 4 not 5. I'll fix that up with the next revision of the

    Thanks for your comments,

    Jordan Crouse
    Senior Linux Engineer
    AMD - Personal Connectivity Solutions Group

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