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SubjectRe: [PATCH 2.6.13] drivers/ide: Enable basic VIA VT6410 IDE functionality
Robert Kesterson wrote:
> This patch enables plain IDE functionality on the VIA VT6410 IDE controller
> (such as used on the Asus P4P800 Deluxe motherboard). This is not a RAID
> driver, but you can use Linux's software RAID once the drives are visible.
> I did not write the original version of this patch, which I found on the
> internet back in the days of kernel 2.6.2. I have been unable to identify
> the original author to give him/her proper credit. I have been maintaining
> and updating this patch since then and have released several updates which
> have been successfully used by others who have downloaded it from my
> website.
> It seems appropriate that this minimal functionality should be in the
> mainstream kernel.

After using this patch (it works), it comes to me that the 2.4 version
was in a separate driver, so I can control my order of controller
recognition. Just having access to the devices is useful, but it would
be more useful in the module version.
-bill davidsen (
"The secret to procrastination is to put things off until the
last possible moment - but no longer" -me
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