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SubjectRe: Weirdness of "mount -o remount,rw" with write-protected floppy
Rob Landley wrote:

> But no, this one's clearly a kernel error. If the kernel is giving write
> errors against the device afterwards, than the kernel's internal state
> toggled successfully, which is all the mount syscall was trying to do. Mount
> is just reporting whether or not the syscall succeeded, not whether or not it
> should have. :)

OK, so there are actually two separate bugs, it seems: one that
remounting a RO media in the RW mode succeeds (this "works" for any RO
media, as far as I can tell) and the second (this one is specific to the
floppy driver only) that a further write to such a falsely rw-remounted
media doesn't return (in the user space) an error.


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