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SubjectRe: Bug#325117: NFS client problem with kernel 2.6 and SGI IRIX 6.5

> >
> > This should normally suffice to fix the SGI problem.
> Thanks, I'll confine subseqent discussion to
> as debian packaging issues don't need to be on lkml.

That's fine with me - for the moment at least. I'm busy applying
the patch to the "2.6.12-Debian-sarge"-kernel package. The patch
doesn't apply automatically, but I think I succeeded in doing so
manually. Now my problem is, that the kernel doesn't compile - but
not because of the patch or in the nfs-region, but with a (unused by
me) scsi-driver at the moment. I'll try to sort things out, have a
proper 'patched' kernel and shall report afterwards.

I also think, that a 'tcpdump' of the nfs-traffic makes only sense
after(!) applying the patch from a patched kernel; so I'll postpone
its submission till after I succeed (hopefully).

Be warned, though, that the KNOPPIX-kernel still has the 'resources'-
problem, although not the 'find' one. Thus if this kernel has the
'dirent_fix'-patch incorporated, it doesn't suffice. This may - later
- lead to the re-involvment of the 'nfs-kernel-group', eventually.

In the meantime, many thanks for the help - I'll try to do 'my'
homework as fast as my time allows.

Ruediger Oberhage
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