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SubjectRe: Sharp zaurus c-3000

[cc to the list]

> > > Your other alternative is to perform a NAND Restore, if you can find a
> > > NAND backup for the C3000. The D+M menu has an option for this and I'm
> > > sure it will also be documented on the web. When in this state I
> > > couldn't get that to work on my c760 though it could have been the image
> > > I was trying to restore it with or my CF card...
> >
> > D+M menu still works for me, so I tried this one -- on SD card (my CF
> > card is only 16MB). Not sure what I'm doing wrong.
> >
> > pavel@amd:/data/l/zaurus$ md5sum /mnt/systc300.dbk
> > 6a37ce6a4bee0b7a39fd0140c70eda16 /mnt/systc300.dbk
> > -rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 17317904 Jan 1 2003 systc300.dbk*
> >
> > I only tried "NAND update". Should I do "Erase / NAND update"? Result
> > was
> >
> > SD update
> > --- Found orders ---
> > Error!!!
> This might mean you've also broken D+M. I couldn't get it to work when I
> had this problem either. Whether that was me or whether it was truly
> broken, I don't know.
> That leaves the low level loader to restore NAND. Were you able to find
> C3000 images anywhere? If not, I can perhaps have a try and extracting
> them from my C3000. You should just need to fix the initrd partition I
> guess...

I managed to recover it. There are actually two "NAND update" options
in D+M menu (at different places). One of them works, second does
not. Oops. Just for the record, usefull files are at .
Thanks, Sharp!
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