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SubjectRe: [PATCH] Add notification of page becoming writable to VMA ops
On Mon, 2005-10-24 at 20:11 +0100, Hugh Dickins wrote:
> On Mon, 24 Oct 2005, David Howells wrote:
> >
> > The attached patch adds a new VMA operation to notify a filesystem or other
> > driver about the MMU generating a fault because userspace attempted to write
> > to a page mapped through a read-only PTE.
> >
> > This facility permits the filesystem or driver to:
> >
> > (*) Implement storage allocation/reservation on attempted write, and so to
> > deal with problems such as ENOSPC more gracefully (perhaps by generating
> > SIGBUS).
> >
> > (*) Delay making the page writable until the contents have been written to a
> > backing cache. This is useful for NFS/AFS when using FS-Cache/CacheFS.
> > It permits the filesystem to have some guarantee about the state of the
> > cache.
> I've only given it a quick look, it looks pretty good, but too hastily
> thrown together, without understanding of the intervening changes:

There really is quite a difference between mm/*.c in -mm and Linus
kernel at present. Is all this planned to be merged as soon as 2.6.14
is out or is -mm just a playground for now with no mainline merge

Just asking so I know whether to work against stock kernels or -mm for
the moment...

[snip some corrections I am in no position to comment on at the moment]
> > @@ -1945,7 +1998,7 @@ static int do_file_page(struct mm_struct
> Drop all those changes to do_file_page (which I added), they're no
> longer necessary. A case appeared which made it clear that we cannot
> rely on resolving this issue for get_user_pages in a single call to
> handle_mm_fault, and that's why the VM_FAULT_WRITE stuff got added.
> This complication of do_file_page was always ugly, and I'm delighted
> to drop it. Whereas the call to do_wp_page from do_swap_page is less
> obtrusive and may still be a worthwhile optimization, though I added
> it for the same disgraced reason a year or more back.

Cool, that reduces the size of the patch. (-:

Best regards,

Anton Altaparmakov <aia21 at> (replace at with @)
Unix Support, Computing Service, University of Cambridge, CB2 3QH, UK
Linux NTFS maintainer / IRC: #ntfs on
WWW: &

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