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    SubjectRe: Call for PIIX4 chipset testers

    On Tue, 25 Oct 2005, Darren Salt wrote:
    > $ dmesg | grep PIIX4
    > PCI quirk: region 5000-503f claimed by PIIX4 ACPI
    > PCI quirk: region 4000-401f claimed by PIIX4 SMB
    > PIIX4 devres C PIO at 0100-0107
    > PIIX4 devres I PIO at 00e0-00e3
    > PIIX4 devres J PIO at 00f9-00fc

    Ok, great. None of those quirks are very interesting per se (they're all
    in the old legacy region), but that 0xf9-0xfc one is interesting if only
    because it points out that I should be more careful about the mask/base

    That quirk is actually set up in a very special way, where it ignores
    address line #1, and devres J actually covers two PIO ports: 0xf9 and 0xfb
    (but not the one between). Odd, but it's documented hardware behaviour.

    So the 0xf9-0xfc thing is strictly not right, and I'll modify my code a
    bit (probably to mark 0xf8-0xfb instead, which will be what we'd want to
    do for anything in the non-legacy region).

    > Machine is a Compaq Armada M700; /proc/ioports & lspci output are attached.

    Thanks, that lspci output was what I needed to verify the mask details.

    The printouts look good. I wish somebody had a PIIX with a MMIO quirk just
    to verify that I got that case right too, but it's pretty unlikely that is
    ever used in practice.

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