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SubjectRe: reference code for non-PCI libata complaint SATA for ARM boards.
Alan Cox wrote:
> On Maw, 2005-10-25 at 17:41 +0530, Deven Balani wrote:
>>Hi All!
>>I am currently writing a low-level driver for non-PCI SATA controller
>>in ARM platform.which uses libata-core.c for linux-2.4.25. Can any one
>>tell me any reference code available under linux.
> At the moment its a bit hard to do a non PCI driver because the core
> code assumes that there is a device structure (or pci_dev structure) for
> everything. Fixing that is a two line change for 2.6 (probably similar
> for 2.4) but Jeff Garzik rejected it.

In 2.6.x, libata needs no fixes to support non-PCI devices.

An out-of-tree driver for a non-PCI embedded board exists, and works
100%. Use of struct device and dma_xxx() means it is bus-agnostic.
That's how the whole system was designed to work -- and work, it does.

None of this is true in 2.4.x, of course...


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