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SubjectRe: Information on ioctl32
On Maandag 24 Oktober 2005 10:58, James Hansen wrote:
>  From what they say over on, I need to apply a patch, but my
> current kernel (debian for amd64) is already trying to call it ioctl32.

No, you should not need to apply any patch, the compat_ioctl
infrastructure has been in there since 2.6.11. The old dynamic
ioctl32 subsystem has been removed for 2.6.14.

> Problem is, the kernel headers don't seem to have an entry in the
> file_operations struct for compat_ioctl.  Does anyone know if there's
> any other place (struct) I should be looking to put this function?
> I thought it a bit odd that the prebuilt default kernel is trying to
> call this function, but the headers for this kernel don't seem to allow
> me to insert it into the fops struct.

You seem to be mixing up stuff. Are you looking at the headers in
the kernel source tree or another copy? Are you sure you are running
a recent kernel level?

Arnd <><
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