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    SubjectRe: [PATCH 4/4] Swap migration V3: sys_migrate_pages interface
    Kame wrote:
    >> How about this ?
    >> +cpuset_update_task_mems_allowed(task, new); (this isn't implemented now

    One task cannot directly update anothers mems_allowed. The locking on
    a task's mems_allowed only allows modifying it in the context of its
    current task. This avoids taking a lock to read out the (possibly
    multiple word) mems_allowed value when checking it in __alloc_pages().

    Grep in kernel/cpuset.c for "mems_generation" to see the mechanism
    used to insure that the task mems_allowed is updated, before any
    allocation of memory, to match its cpuset.

    > *new* is already guaranteed to be the subset of current mem_allowed.
    > Is this violate the permission ?

    I think that sys_migrate_pages() allows one task to migrate the
    pages of another.

    * If task A is going to migrate task B's memory, then it should do
    so within task B's cpuset constraints (or as close as it can, in
    the case of say avoiding ECC soft errors, where the task context
    of the affected pages is not easily available). If A doesn't like
    B's cpuset constraints, then A should change them first, using the
    appropriate cpuset API's, if A has permission to do so. In the
    ECC soft correction case, just move the page the nearest place
    one can find free memory - from what I can tell ensuring that cpuset
    constraints are honored is too expensive (walking the task list for
    each page to find which task references that mm struct.)

    So this check ensures that A is not moving B's memory outside of
    the nodes in B's cpuset.

    * Christoph - what is the permissions check on sys_migrate_pages()?
    It would seem inappropriate for 'guest' to be able to move the
    memory of 'root'.

    > Simon Derr wrote:
    > > Automatically updating the ->mems_allowed field as you suggest would
    > > require that the kernel do the same checks in sys_migrage_pages(). Sounds
    > > not as a very good idea to me.

    If I am understanding this correctly, this sys_migrate_pages() call
    seems most useful in the situation that the pages are being moved
    within the nodes already allowed to the target task (perhaps because
    the kernel is configured w/o cpusets). Otherwise, you should first
    change the mems_allowed of the target task to allow these nodes, and in
    that case, you can just use the new cpuset 'memory_migrate' flag (in a
    patch in my outgoing queue, that I need to send real soon now) to ask
    that existing pages be migrated when that cpuset moves, and when tasks
    are moved into that cpuset.

    I agree with Simon that sys_migrate_pages() does not want to get in
    the business of replicating the checks on updating mems_allowed that
    are in the cpuset code.

    I won't rest till it's the best ...
    Programmer, Linux Scalability
    Paul Jackson <> 1.925.600.0401
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