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    SubjectRe: [PATCH 2.6.14-rc3] sis5513.c: enable ATA133 for the SiS965 southbridge
    wsong <> :
    > This patch has conflict with sata_sis driver. They both register this
    > id 0x0180. But pci ide driver is loaded first. So if you have sata
    > drive connected as root, dang, you'll get kernel panic. I had this
    > problem with 2.6.14_rc4-mm1. Simply delete the third line from
    > structure sis5513_pci_tbl resolved it.
    > I know it's just a work around.

    The lspci I have received for a k8s-mx exhibit a 5513 whose PCI ID is
    already correctly set. If the ID masking and register remapping is not
    really relevant on a 180, the code below could be enough. If it is wrong,
    it may be better to check the availability of a good backup system before
    using it.

    Some features documentation suggest that the 760 and the 755 should
    mostly go along with the same southbridge.

    Signed-off-by: Francois Romieu <>

    diff --git a/drivers/ide/pci/sis5513.c b/drivers/ide/pci/sis5513.c
    --- a/drivers/ide/pci/sis5513.c
    +++ b/drivers/ide/pci/sis5513.c
    @@ -20,6 +20,7 @@
    * ATA16/33 support from specs
    * ATA133 support for SiS961/962 by L.C. Chang <>
    * ATA133 961/962/963 fixes by Vojtech Pavlik <>
    + * ATA133 965 hack by Ueimor <>
    * Documentation:
    * SiS chipset documentation available under NDA to companies only
    @@ -87,6 +88,9 @@ static const struct {
    u8 chipset_family;
    u8 flags;
    } SiSHostChipInfo[] = {
    + { "SiS760", PCI_DEVICE_ID_SI_760, ATA_133 },
    + { "SiS755", PCI_DEVICE_ID_SI_755, ATA_133 },
    { "SiS745", PCI_DEVICE_ID_SI_745, ATA_100 },
    { "SiS735", PCI_DEVICE_ID_SI_735, ATA_100 },
    { "SiS733", PCI_DEVICE_ID_SI_733, ATA_100 },
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