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SubjectXIP kernel - bss address location issue

I have a montavista XIP kernel running on ARM and my kernel will be in
the flash. Since its XIP, I know that the ".text" portion of the
kernel will be executed from flash but that ".data" needs to be placed
in SDRAM. Now my question is - based on what offset this data will be

My SDRAM physicall address starts at 3000_0000 and flash starts at
0100_0000. when i allocated a global variable in the kernel module and
when i try to check its actually physical address using virt_to_phys,
its giving me the address in the range of 0100_0000 ~ 0600_0000 which
is my flash (the PAGE_OFFSET doesn't work in case of XIP).

Can you please help in knowing the physical address of my .data
portion in this situation.

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