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SubjectRe: NFS client problem with kernel 2.6 and SGI IRIX 6.5
on den 19.10.2005 klokka 18:52 (+0200) skreiv Ruediger Oberhage:
> Hello again.
> Some first findings regarding nfs problems:
> At first I have to apologize for my memory (again :-)) serving me
> wrong: I did state, that the "find /nfsDir -print" problem was
> (generally) gone with the 2.6.12 kernel; this is wrong(!).
> The problem does exist for both (Debianized) kernels 2.6.8 as well
> as 2.6.12 (the details follow below in the 'strace'-dump). The
> (find-)problem does NOT exist for the (2.6.12-)kernel delivered on
> the KNOPPIX 4.0 DVD!!! So there is a cure for some kernel for this
> one. The 'resources'-problem (OpenOffice/Mathematica) still remains
> for this kernel, too!

Recent kernels (2.6.13 and above - sorry, I though it was 2.6.12) have
the following patch applied

This should normally suffice to fix the SGI problem.


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