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SubjectRe: [PATCH] skge support for Marvell chips in Toshiba laptops
Hi Jesse,

Jesse Barnes wrote:
> Here's a small patch to add the PCI ID and chip type of the chip in my
> Toshiba laptop to the skge driver. I haven't tested it much (just
> insmoded it and run ethtool against the corresponding eth1 device), but
> it doesn't crash my system, so unless this configuration has already
> been tested and is known to have problems, it might be good to add this
> patch.
> I'll test some more with a real network when I get home.

The device ID you added (0x4351) is already claimed by the new sky2 driver.

Unless theres a mistake in sky2's device table, your laptop contains a
Yukon-II adapter which is incompatible with the original Yukon chips (skge =
Yukon, sky2 = Yukon-II).

On the other hand, I believe Stephen could do with some extra sky2 testing :)
You can find it in the latest -mm releases.

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