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SubjectRe: large files unnecessary trashing filesystem cache?
On Oct 19, 2005, at 13:58:37, Guido Fiala wrote:
> Kernel could do the best to optimize default performance,
> applications that consider their own optimal behaviour should do
> so, all other files are kept under default heuristic policy
> (adaptable, configurable one)
> Heuristic can be based on access statistic:
> streaming/sequential can be guessed by getting exactly 100% cache
> hit rate (drop behind pages immediately),

What about a grep through my kernel sources or other linear search
through a large directory tree? That would get exactly 100% cache
hit rate which would cause your method to drop the pages immediately,
meaning that subsequent greps are equally slow. I have enough memory
to hold a couple kernel trees and I want my grepping to push
out of RAM for a bit while I do my kernel development.

Kyle Moffett

I lost interest in "blade servers" when I found they didn't throw
knives at people who weren't supposed to be in your machine room.
-- Anthony de Boer

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