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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] ktimers subsystem 2.6.14-rc2-kt5

    * Roman Zippel <> wrote:

    > > the moment you express yourself via patches we'll know that 1) you
    > > understand what we have done so far 2) you have useful ideas of what
    > > should be done differently 3) you have the coder capability to implement
    > > and test those ideas. Patches wont be ignored, i can assure you. Get the
    > > patches rolling!
    > This "shut up and show code" attitude is sometimes quite funny, but
    > it's no real threat to me. I hoped to avoid this and solve this more
    > civilized. Of course I'll understand the issues better afterwards, but
    > you could as easily just tell me. [...]

    if a dozen mails werent enough then one more probably wont make a
    difference, especially with your last mail calling Thomas's behavior
    "childish" - when all he did was to try to explain his reasons to you as
    patiently as possible! Thomas is not obliged to teach you or bear with
    you - it is his own free choice. (But if you want to discuss this
    personal angle any further please take the public lists (and other
    people) off the Cc: list, it's getting very off-topic.)

    Thomas's stuff is now fully integrated into the -rt tree and it works
    excellently. I have measured a 12 usecs worst-case HR timer-delivery
    latency (using cyclictest). _That_ is the thing i care about.

    > [...] It will waste my time, I could spend on other projects and it
    > will put Andrew in the unfortunate position to decide, which patch to
    > accept. [...]

    yes, please, put Andrew (and me too) into that unfortunate position!
    Please, pretty please, get on with the patches!

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