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SubjectRe: [PATCH] ktimers subsystem 2.6.14-rc2-kt5

* Roman Zippel <> wrote:

> > > The spec is not really clear and Thomas refusal to explain his design
> > > decision is as also not really helpful. :-(
> >
> > I did explain, why I did the rounding in the way it is implemented. If
> > you define the fact that I have a different interpretation of SUS than
> > you as refusal, then we can stop this thread right here.
> I have no problem with you having a different opinion, I have a problem
> with your childish behaviour. :-(

Roman, IMO Thomas has been more than reasonable in replying to you - i'd
have stopped replying to you after the first couple of mails, and we are
at mail round 10 now! Thomas is being very patient with you. You are
being difficult, and IMO you are wasting his and others' time.

the thing is that Thomas has advanced the whole issue of timeouts and
timekeeping by leaps and bounds and he has written thousands of lines of
new and excellent code for a kernel subsystem that has seen little
activity for many years, before John got involved. One of Thomas'
accomplishments is a timer/time design that allows the enabling of HRT
timers via an _18 lines_ architecture patch. (!)

on the other hand, i have yet to see a single line of code from you and
have yet to receive a single bugreport from you. (!)

so for me as a patch integrator and upstream maintainer the equation is
very simple, and i am not nearly as tolerant as Thomas: shut up Roman
already and show us the code!

really, start sending in patches. Testreports. Useful feedback. Those we
can judge by their merits. Talk is cheap. The time subsystem has been
dormant for years, and it has had more than enough talk already.

the moment you express yourself via patches we'll know that 1) you
understand what we have done so far 2) you have useful ideas of what
should be done differently 3) you have the coder capability to implement
and test those ideas. Patches wont be ignored, i can assure you. Get the
patches rolling!

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