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SubjectRe: finding process blocking on a system call
> You can't both block but have it added to the
> runqueue--blocking means
> it does not run... you either need to use
> non-blocking calls or two
> threads. If you want to find the process, top can
> do this
> (interactively) or you can use the /proc filesystem.

I accept that we can't have a process both blocked
and in the runqueue. See, I want to give a special
state to the process blocked on a particular resource
like semaphore as TASK_BLOCKED and I will not add it
into the wait queue.
If the scheduler picks up this blocked process
again, I will identify the process that is having the
semaphore and I will run that. with this, I am giving
some timeslice of the blocked process to the process
having that resource so that it can release it soon.
So, if a process blocks on the syscall, I will
change the state as TASK_MYSTATE. Since, a process may
block on a system call for many reasons, I am not able
to clearly figure out how can I do that? Can u help me
regarding this?


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