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    SubjectRe: page migration patchset
    Andi Kleen wrote:
    >> You need lazy hugetlbfs to use it (= allocate at page fault time,
    >> not mmap time). Otherwise the policy can never be applied. I implemented
    >> my own version of lazy allocation for SLES9, but when I wanted to
    >> merge it into mainline some other people told they had a much better
    >> singing&dancing lazy hugetlb patch. So I waited for them, but they
    >> never went forward with their stuff and their code seems to be dead
    >> now. So this is still a dangling end :/
    >> If nothing happens soon regarding the "other" hugetlb code I will
    >> forward port my SLES9 code. It already has NUMA policy support.
    >> For now you can remove the hugetlb policy code from mainline if you
    >> want, it would be easy to readd it when lazy hugetlbfs is merged.

    On Thu, Jan 06, 2005 at 03:43:39PM -0800, Steve Longerbeam wrote:
    > if you don't mind I'd like to. Sounds as if lazy hugetlbfs would be
    > able to make use of the generic file mapping->policy instead of a
    > hugetlb-specific policy anyway. Same goes for shmem.

    If Andi's comments refer to my work, it already got permavetoed.

    Anyway, using the vma's is a minor change. Please include this as a
    patch separate from other changes (fault handling, consolidations, etc.)

    -- wli
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