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SubjectRE: [2.6.10-bk8] [SERIAL] dropping chars when > 512
> Unless this is a typo, I think you'll find that status = 1 means the
> FIFOs have been turned off. Which would flush any data in the FIFOs.
> Which would explain the missing data.
> ..Stu

Nope, not a typo.
I'm no expert, but i thought 'status' shows the LSR when an interrupt
occurs, and LSR = 1 indicates 'data available', while LSR = 60 indicates
transmitter status (40 = THR empty, 20 = THR + shift register empty)?
so status = 1 indicates an interrupt occurs while transmitter is busy?

I think this is related to tty flip buffer full (size = 512), and no
low_latency setting (which, if set, hangs the 2.6 SMP kernel). but i'm
not expert enough with serial to know a fix.
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