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    SubjectRe: libata PATA support - work items?
    Alan Cox wrote:
    > That means
    > - Hotplug (controller and disk)

    mostly either there, or easy to add

    > - CHS


    > - "Not quite generic" IDE DMA (eg CS5520)
    > - VDMA (eg CS5520)

    existing hooks can handle these

    > - IORDY timers (not handled well in drivers/ide but needed)

    I think I know what this is.

    > - Funky Maxtor "LBA48.. maybe" oddments


    > - Missing slave detection

    Not missing, master/slave has been working for ages. Needed for
    combined mode, where a SATA device can appear as a slave.

    > - Controller errata hooks (modes, drives, timings, "dont touch during an
    > I/O" etc)

    Controller hooks for most situations already exist, for the most part.
    Device hooks are what is lacking.

    > - Drive nIEN bugs

    ditto above ("device hooks are lacking")

    > - No nIEN cases

    already handled in at least one case (AHCI)

    > - Drives that don't do some DMA/modes right

    easily doable with existing hooks

    > - Crazy shit "Don't DMA from the page below 640K" (not handled by
    > drivers/ide but an AMD errata
    > fixed by using a PS/2 mouse)

    heh, interesting

    > - Serialize (RZ1000, CMD640, some 469, etc)

    non-trivial but doable (and planned-for)

    > - Bandwidth arbiter (not in drivers/ide but needed)


    > - Non PCI shared IRQ mess 8(




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