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SubjectRe: 2.4.29: strange behaviour system clock

I have also seen such offsets on some boxes running at EADS (a Compaq
Proliant [<-- this one has a very small offset] and a no name machine
[<-- this one is terrible in 10 minutes 2-3 minutes too fast]). I have
no numbers at the moment.
If you need some more information please contact me.

I tried to fix this issue also, but haven't found any solution. Both
servers are running SuSE Linux I think on 8.x (2.4 kernel). I don't know
at the moment if we tried already an update to 2.6 kernel.

For the moment our fix is a 10 minute cronjob which execute
hwclock --hctosys
because hardware clock is running correct.

A fix or a hint whats wrong would be very nice :-).

Michael Obster

Mario Vanoni wrote:
> the same with
> 2.4.29-rc[123]
> 2.4.28-lck1
> 2.4.23-aa3
> every time repeatable
> UP P4-3400HT, 2GB mem, no swap
> IDE NEC DVD-RW ND-3500AG (dev/sr0)
> DVD with 48 files (*.tar.bz2), 4.4GB
> ntpdate -b offset 0.0...
> time dircmp /mnt/cdrom /source
> thinks it used 20 minutes, no errors
> ntpdate -b ...: offset 1134 sec !!!
> SMP dual P3-550, 1GB mem, no swap
> SCSI PIONER DVD-ROM DVD-304 (slot-in, /dev/sr0)
> same DVD, identical source (copied)
> ntpdate -b ...: offset 0.0...
> time dircmp /mnt/cdrom /source
> thinks it used 12 minutes, no errors
> ntpdate -b ...: 0.020522 sec
> SMP dual Xeon-2800HT, 2GB mem, no swap
> IDE NEC DVD-RW ND-2501A (/dev/sr0)
> same deviation, offset tons of seconds
> this is the production, time must remain correct
> Burning CD/DVD with IDE burners,
> there not exist SCSI burners,
> similar retards of the system clock.
> CD using cdrecord, DVD growisofs.
> Doing hwclock --show, time is always correct.
> Not in LKML, cc if you need, and ... thanks
> Mario
> PS We burn DVD only since 2 weeks,
> before only CD and only on the SCSI machine,
> and ... NO PROBLEM.

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