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SubjectRe: FAT, NTFS, CIFS and DOS attributes wrote:
> That API would make sense, but I didn't really expect the kernel to
> provide it. What I expected to happen was for Samba4 to use the xattr
> blobs like it does now, hopefully for Wine to learn to interpret those
> same blobs, for backup/restore apps to learn to backup/restore them
> (as blobs, with no interpretation) and for the proposed Samba LSM
> module to do the dirty work of interpreting the contents of these
> blobs in-kernel to provide raceless windows file serving.

Right, but here we're talking about exposing the guts of a DOS-based
filesystem so they can be manipulated by an application which isn't
necessarily a bulk file handler. The API doesn't really work for that,
especially since some of the attributes have different access properties
from the others.

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