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    SubjectRe: FAT, NTFS, CIFS and DOS attributes wrote:
    > We use the following xattrs in Samba4:
    > user.DosAttrib : structure holding basic non-privileged attribute information
    > user.DosEAs : all the DOS (OS/2) style EAs
    > user.DosStreams : list of alternate data steams, flagged as internal or external
    > the stream data itself for internal streams
    > security.NTACL : the NT ACL
    > the rationale for making most of them in the user namespace is that it
    > is 'mostly harmless' to allow the owner of the file to change those
    > ones.

    Right, it's the "design is broken so everything ends up in user.*".
    Now, I clearly dislike the StudlyCaps used here, but if it's already
    deployed it's probably too late to fix this :(

    Does Samba have any way do deal with VFAT short names?


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