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SubjectRE: Main CPU- I/O CPU interaction

> sorry for not being clear. i meant no other application running
> while saving
> the data, i.e. CPU idle?

I still have no idea what you're talking about and I don't think anyone
else does either. For example, by CPU being idle, do you mean that it's
doing nothing? If so, how did you establish this? Are you talking about the
output of 'top', for example?

You are going to have to be precise about what your observing. You are
stating your observations in the form of conclusions, and this makes it
impossible for us to tell what you're talking about. It could be that your
misconceptions are coloring your conclusions and others would reach
different conclusions from those same observations.

Example: You are asking, "why does cutting off a frog's legs make it deaf"?
We have no idea what you're talking about. Then you explain your
*observations* which are that if you cut off all of a frog's legs, it no
longer jumps when you yell at it. We then understand that you drew the wrong
conclusion from your observation. But from just the conclusion, there's no
way to tell what you actually are seeing.

"CPU idle" is a conclusion. Something made you think your CPU was idle.
What? Same with your entire post.


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