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SubjectRe: [PATCH 01/04] Adding cipher mode context information to crypto_tfm
On Tue, 25 Jan 2005, Fruhwirth Clemens wrote:

> The changes, I purposed, shouldn't be too hard to implement. I will
> build a skeleton for Michael, but I can't test the code, as I don't own
> a padlock system, further

I've got one now, and can use it for testing.

> I'm sorry to say but, my time is somehow
> constrained.. I really gotta start to write my diploma thesis, I'm
> delaying this for too long for crypto stuff now.
> But before I put that into the my queue, I would like to see some kind
> of decision on an async crypto framework. acrypto cames with hardware
> support. So, are we heading for hardware support in cryptoapi, hardware
> support in acrypto, acrypto instead of cryptoapi, OCF instead of
> cryptoapi, or put everything into the kernel and export 3 interface?

Exact details are unknown at this stage. If we can get permission to use
OCF, then we need to work out what's best.

> And how - when there is more than one interface - are these projects
> going to reuse code?

I would imagine so.

- James
James Morris

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