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    SubjectLSM hook addition?
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    Can someone point me to documentation or give me a small patch to add an
    LSM hook to kernel 2.6.10 in fs/namei.c at line 1986:

    new_dentry = lookup_create(&nd, 0);
    error = PTR_ERR(new_dentry);
    if (!IS_ERR(new_dentry)) {
    error = security_inode_make_hardlink(old_nd); // ADD
    error = vfs_link(old_nd.dentry, nd.dentry->d_inode,

    I believe this would be sufficient to finish an LSM module to implement
    linking restrictions from GrSecurity. I did Symlinks in an LSM module,
    but haven't tested it out; it's purely academic. I guess adding an LSM
    hook would be an interesting academic experience; I'd enjoy examining a
    patch that adds this hook, and then trying to add another hook myself.

    The hook here would be used (in my academic exploration) to prevent hard
    links from being created to files you don't own, unless you're root.

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