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SubjectRe: seccomp for 2.6.11-rc1-bk8

> > Well, then you can help auditing ptrace()... It is probably also true
> > that more people audited ptrace() than seccomp :-).
> Why should I spend time auditing ptrace when I have a superior solution
> that doesn't require me any auditing at all? I've an huge pile of
> work,

Adding code is easy, but in the long term would lead to maintainance
nightmare. Adding seccomp code that does subset of ptrace, just
because ptrace audit is lot of work, seems like a wrong thing to
do. Sorry.

People were complaining that M$ turns users into beta-testers...
...jr ghea gurz vagb qrirybcref, naq gurl frrz gb yvxr vg gung jnl!
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